Adventures in Antiqueing

My sis Beans just bought a house. Yes, she’s a real grown up now! I had the chance to go visit her, and of course, drink a lot, but while it was still early in the day, and socially unacceptable to drink, we had to pass the time somehow. We decided to go dig through the block of antique shops in Richmond, outside of Houston. That place has always been a gem of weird, and affordable antiques, and we both love going there. Here are some pics of the things that would be filling my house right now, if my car hadn’t broken down. AGAIN.

This is a tiny, dollhouse-sized, Japanese privacy screen. The detail is amazing, and it’s double sided! It was hard to leave this behind. I wonder if I can make my own at some point??


This is a tiny pitcher, similar to a child’s tea set. It’s designed to look like Fiesta Ware, but it was not authentic. It was only $2, and I fell in love with the vivid orange color. Sadly, I have zero orange stuff in the house, so I avoided one more piece of clutter. It’s a really good thing I didn’t buy this, because I kept seeing other things that were this shade of orange and thinking, “That will go with my new tiny pitcher! I should get that too!” I’m sure all the orange would look great under the bridge we’d have to move to.

This is an old, closed down, art-deco movie theater in town. I hope someone restores it at some point.

Who doesn’t need a giant harpy shelf?

This is basically a fancy paper doll. Her dress is fabric, and her hair is thread. She’s just really gorgeous.

This type of glassware is very popular and very common, but the prices can be a bit steep. I love the colors, and they come in a variety of patterns.

This was really hard to pass up; it’s a Hindu goddess the size of a dinner plate!

I love this tiny, google-eyed deer. Sorry the picture isn’t great.

Here is Beans posing with what is probably the best antique shop find of all time. Those are naked lady salt and pepper shakers!! They were just too expensive for something you’d have to hide when grown-ups come over.

I just love the artwork on this. It’s in great shape.

Doubtful puppy is doubtful.

Startled baby is startled.

I didn’t open this book, but I wish I had. It was put out by Imperial Sugar, the company my hometown, Sugar Land, is named for.

Look at the freaky poodle twins next to the creepy boots!

I love the color and design of this old Easy Bake Oven. It would be so cute in a real kitchen!

This was the creepiest thing we saw the whole day.

I’ll just leave you with that image.



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  1. Mom replied:

    You didn’t buy the goggle-eyed deer for your collection?

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      No, my collection is pretty much at capacity. I’ve been trying to narrow it down to the really unique ones. That one was really funny, though.

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