Broccoli for Breakfast

I usually make a nice breakfast on weekends, even if it occurs at 2 in the afternoon. This last weekend I wanted to try something a little different. I decided to make a sort of crust-less quiche. I started by chopping up a small head of fresh broccoli.

I diced up a small amount of onion.

I sauteed the two together in olive oil with a dash of garlic salt.

While that was cooking, I shredded a little over a quarter cup of parmesan cheese.

I cracked open and scrambled 4 eggs. I threw in a dash of pepper, and about half the cheese.

I then threw the eggs into the pan on top of the veggies. I stirred it around, and made sure all the egg was thoroughly cooked.

I used the rest of the cheese to top the eggs. It was AMAZING. I started stealing off Hubby’s plate, it was so good. I may make it for dinner tonight. I think the key was making sure the broccoli was well-seasoned before the eggs were ever introduced. Plus, this type of cheese is very flavorful, and I want more right this second.


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  1. Beans replied:

    That’s sounds amazing. I want it…Now.
    It also sounds like it would be good baked. I don’t know if you would have to add a crust then, but I always just spray the hell out of everything with Pam before I put anything in the oven 🙂

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      I think if you put it in the oven, THEN it’s a frittata. I don’t have any idea what the terminology is. I thought to myself “I want quiche, but I have no crust, and am unwilling to make crust”, so I did it this way.

  2. Sara A. replied:

    “Crustless quiche”? Lol. It is called a frittata 🙂

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      I invented it, I will call it what I want. You can’t just make up words. LOL!

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