Deep Clean with a Vengeance

So I bet you thought I gave up on Deep Clean Week, that I was going to simply wuss out and hope you forgot. That was my original plan.

But then I discovered that some people we know are moving to our area, and need a place to stay for a couple months. I offered the guest room and my craft room. Both are soon going to be occupied, so I have been cleaning like a mad woman. My plan now is to pull everything out of the craft room, sort through it diligently, get rid of things, and then store the remainder upstairs in our bedroom.

So far I have learned a few things:

1) It helps to start with “before” pictures. I totally neglected this, and now I only have “during” pictures, which mostly just show boxes and piles of chaos.

2) It’s a lot easier to store boxes in Hubby’s closet while he’s at work.

3) I am taking a hard look at my craft projects, and narrowing down which ones I want to bother completing. If a project starts to feel like homework rather than fun, decide if you want to dedicate your limited time to completing it, or if you’d rather work on something else. Do you even want to own the finished product? I put this half-finished denim quilt on freecycle, and 20 minutes later someone came to my house and got it, along with the denim to complete it.

4) I keep finding things I didn’t even know I had, which means I don’t need them, and won’t miss them.

5) It takes way more trips up and down the stairs than seems humanly possible, and I still don’t have amazing calves. I really should, by now.

6) The sound of cat, dog, and even ferret snores are insulting when you are exhausted from working so hard. You can see Mushroom at the bottom of this picture “helping”.

You can see I’ve made some progress; the closets are mostly empty.

The way all this stuff accumulates just shows that I have too many ideas and not enough time.

I have no idea where I will put all my Batman stuff, or my giant Jack Skellington. I also have several thing I’ve crafted over the years that I feel like I have to keep because I made them, but they’re not necessarily practical or useful anymore. That colorful disc at the bottom of the picture is a table top I decoupaged in college. The table has not been assembled since we moved here, but I can’t decide what to do with it. Let that be a lesson to you all: once you craft something, you maybe stuck with it, so make sure you work on projects you’ll want to keep around.

I found this in some of the yarn my Grandmother gave me, and I thought it was funny.

I also found this! I always wanted a parts price list for a Remington Pump Action Shotgun!

I’m very proud of myself, because this is all the yarn I had, and the container and sack on the left are both going to a better place.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far. I have sorted through and discarded fabric, art supplies, construction paper, and scrapbooking stuff. Some of it has gone to friends, a huge pile will go to Goodwill, and a bit may go on eBay. I am exhausted from moving so much stuff, and I just want to chuck a ton of it. We’ve made a lot of progress, but we’re probably only halfway done, if that. Stay tuned for more progress reports, or to watch my descent into madness, whichever comes first.


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  1. Beans replied:

    I think you kept it for the important part – the Remington Instruction Folder.

  2. Mom replied:

    I can sympathize! I am constantly trying to weed through the accumulation of 50 years’ worth of stuff – plus now we have the stuff that was left in the house when we moved in! There are old cleaning supplies that I’m pretty sure are illegal now. Inside the barbed wire rolls, the feed store cards list their phone number as HOuston 4-7834!

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      Bahahaa!! You have got to take a picture of that. We have all the junk the previous home owners left as well, so I know what you mean. We also have you, your mother, and all of Hubby’s side of the family leaving things here constantly, as though this is their personal storage unit. You were mostly just giving me my own stuff, but still, how dare you!

  3. Bedroom Cleanup « My Attempts at Cleverness replied:

    […] deep cleaning much of the house, our bedroom had become a dumping ground for all the stray furniture and homeless […]

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