Wedding Garter

It’s wedding season, and one of my dear, dear besties, Phuongaholic, is getting married soon. I actually get to participate in the wedding which is exciting, and when she came into town the other day I wanted to give her a special gift. First step: Hobby Lobby which created a Craftocalypse!!

I already had a plain white garter (that I had purchased for my siter BEANS, who decided to elope instead), so I decided to decorate it for Phuongie. I laid out my beads in advance. I added the blue flowers so it could be her “something blue”.

This was tricky because the whole garter has to stretch, but I didn’t want beads popping off left and right. I sewed each bead on individually and tied them off, then cut the thread and started again. While I was sewing them on, I periodically stretched the whole thing out to make sure they would stay on. I’d rather a bead pop off while I still have it than after I’ve given it to the bride.

I started with the middle bead, the heart, first, and spaced everything else out around it. Then I started on the second row. Once I was done with the letter beads,  I added the flowers at each end.

Here it is stretched out so you can see that the beads actually stayed on.

As soon as Phuongie read it she started laughing and slapping me, which is a good sign. It means she loves it. I will be making her wedding topper as well, and participating in her Vietnamese style wedding, which I’m very excited about, so you will get to follow along on the wedding adventures! Like several of my friends, Phuongie is an excellent blogger, and you can read about her flower design business and her random, hilarious life through the magical internets. And I show up in her blogs periodically, so that should be some incentive for you minions.

                                                   – That Clever Chick


July 25, 2011. Tags: , , , , , , , . Arts and Crafts.

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