It’s a Zombie Wedding!

A friend of a friend decided she was going to buck convention and have a zombie cake topper for her wedding. She couldn’t find anything she liked online, so our mutual friend, Samantha, recommended me to her. I won’t bor you with the whole process of making it, because I’m posting tons of pictures so you lucky little minions can admire every detail.

Here’s the finished complete topper. You’ll notice that the bride’s bouquet is made of the groom’s intestines. That was Hubby’s idea.

Here you can see the bride’s eye is hanging out, as well as the flowered strap on her gown. I mimicked her actual wedding dress as closely as possible. I just added a little blood.

Here you can see the groom’s open body cavity and the edges of his torn flesh. This was so fun to make! You can also kind of see that the bride’s upper right arm is messed up. It’s actually torn open with bone showing.

This is more detail on the dress and the intestine bouquet.

At some point, the zombie bride obviously got injured, and now one of her leg bones is poking out, and her dress is torn and bloodied.

The groom has lost a big chunk of his right foot, and the bones are hanging out.

This is one of my favorite parts. The bride’s vertebrae are starting to poke through her skin. Her left shoulder blade is also sticking through the skin, and the groom has lost his left hand.

This project was a lot of fun to work on, even though it was a lot of work.

Congratulations to the happy couple, and may you be together long after death.

                                                                    – That Clever Chick


July 21, 2011. Tags: , , , , , , . Arts and Crafts.

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