The Epic Fail

Many of you already know this, but my Hubby is artistic out the wazzoo. His cell phone stopped working, so he went and bought a little $10 Go Phone, and just put his sim card in it. It was just a boring phone, so he decided to paint it. This is what happened:

The picture’s a bit blurry because he used the webcam, but amazing, right? Well, my phone is boring, too. It’s lime green, but it could always use more personality, right? I removed the back from the phone, and set to work with masking tape to make my design.

What did I choose? A skull!! Of course! And I think it was looking pretty bad ass, yet adorable at this point. Even after I spray painted the whole thing, it was looking fine.

The tape did not peel off how I envisioned. Big chunks of the bones vanished, and everything else is flakey and horrible.

I probably should have done the design, then sprayed primer on it, then the black spray paint, but I still have no idea if that would have helped. Maybe I should have sanded the whole thing first? Either way, I have a big sad face on, and I’m conscientiously hiding my phone at all times (except from all of you, of course). Learn from my fail.

                                                                             – That Clever Chick


July 15, 2011. Tags: , , , . Arts and Crafts.


  1. Beans replied:

    Could you spray a paint bursh with the black spray paint to do touch ups? I’m sure you could use regular paint, but that way it would be the same paint and not have a different sheen or glossiness or something? Sorry it didn’t work. It looked really cute! at first! And it’s not horrbile now 🙂

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      Spray paint would probably just dry on the paint brush, and you’d have to use turpentine to clean it out, and even then it might ruin the brush. Acrylic, or regular paint, is water soluble, and would probably wash off or wear off very quickly. It was a good idea, but I probably should have used some spray paint primer first, something that was designed to stick to slick surfaces. Thanks, but I’m really unhappy with it. So much fail.

      • Beans replied:

        that sucks. Oh well. You learned something at least! Could you scrape the stuff off and start over?

      • thatcleverchick replied:

        I think Hubby is going to spray paint it all black and paint something cool, like he did with his.

  2. Sara A. replied:

    If you can re-paint it or scrape it off, you can do your pattern in tape, then fill it in with permanent sharpie. Any paint will stick to the masking tape and pull off. Unless maybe you greased the masking tape so the paint will not stick? No, that sounds like it would be a disaster.

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      Part of the issue is that the phone has textured lines on it, so I would have to dig in there with a toothpick or something to get it out. I think the easiest repair at this point is to either ignore it, which is what I’m in the mood for right now (I’m mad at the phone for foiling me, and being ugly is its punishment), or spray the whole cover black, then paint it from there. That’s what Hubby did with his phone, and it looks amazing. Glad to have you back, by the way!!

      • Sara A. replied:

        It looks like your phone is metal… steel wool or a metal brush might take that paint right off. The problem with paint and stencils is that you either have to remove the stencil before the paint dries (leading to smudges) or the pain will form a single sheet over the stencil and surface, leading to the tears at the edges you have.

        PS: If your phone is plastic don’t use steel wool. That would be badness.

        PPS: You could also just cut your image out of adhesive vinyl and stick it on.

        PPPS: Or have something printed on adhesive vinyl and just stick it over the entire back. I have gotten custom color printed waterproof vinyl for like $3 for a bumper sticker size area.

      • thatcleverchick replied:

        No, the phone is plastic. I just fiddled with it, and it looks like the stuff may just chip off. The thing is also, I hate this phone because it functions poorly. We will hopefully be getting new phones and actual local numbers (!!) soon, so I’m kind of at the point of “Oh, F**k it”.

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