Random Clever and Funny Things

I am always finding random things in the world, that for some reason, I decide I must have a picture of. I guess I just take weird pictures. These are a few I found while uploading pictures for other blog posts.

At Hobby Lobby they sell make your own doll heads, and I found them to be disturbing.

Hubby has 2 art models on his desk, and when he’s not looking I like to put them in compromising positions. This is one of the more romantic ones.

This is our fat cat, Mushroom. You can only see a fraction of his bulk in this one, because the rest of him is inside his fabric play cube (the blue thing on top of him). That’s right, he climbed in, and burrowed his top half out the bottom, and left his bum and fat inside the cube. He cracks me up.

Hubby has been doing lots of work on his computer lately, and was getting a neck/shoulder/back ache from being hunched over all the time. I put the monitor up on top of a stack of art books to make it easier for him to look at, and to inspire by osmosis. We have a ton of art books around, and these are a few I knew we wanted to keep, but never look at. They might as well earn their living space.



July 7, 2011. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , . Random typing, Thriftiness is Cool.


  1. Samuel F. Moultrie replied:

    Not feeling the mannequin head. It’s the same thing people see right before they get butchered in horror movies.

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      I know!! I tend to find creepy things for some reason, and then feel the need to document it.

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