Strawberry Season

We don’t generally eat a lot of fruit, but during this time of year when it’s all delicious and cheap I can’t resist. The other day, strawberries were on sale for a dollar a pound, so I bought 3 pounds. We can’t eat all of that right away, so I cut a bunch up to freeze for later this year. I like to add them to pies and smoothies. First, I washed them all, cut off the tops, and sliced them in half. I lined them up on a cookie sheet that I know fits in my freezer, then I took lots of pictures of them, because they were so pretty.

This is them in the freezer. Once they were all frozen, I put them in one big freezer bag.

I used the same method to freeze a whole bunch of chicken the other day. I just covered the cookie sheet in wax paper so they were easier to pull off and put in a freezer bag. This method is a great way to take advantage of sales or when produce is in season.


June 19, 2011. Tags: , , , , . Cooking.


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