Use it up: Shampoo

It’s happened to all of us (I presume): you either buy a brand new shampoo, and you hate it, or you get down to the last inch of shampoo that refuses to come out of the bottle. Now, I may be ridiculous when it comes to saving money, but I’m not one of those “Extreme Couponers” or “Hoarders”, so let’s keep this all in perspective. I paid for an entire bottle of shampoo, and, so help me, I am going to use that entire bottle of shampoo.

Everyone at some point thinks “Hey, this new brand looks like it will help solve all my problems!”, or “They’re out of my regular shampoo! I guess I’ll grab this”, or “It’s on clearance!! And there are EIGHT BOTTLES for a DOLLAR!!” (ahem; I’m sure everyone has done this, or else just me and my dad have). Inevtiably, the shampoo will be terrible. It leaves your hair flat, frizzy, or smelling like bacon, but not in a good way.

As I’m typing this, I’m really rationalizing to myself that everyone has these issues, and is concerned about them. Right? It’s not just me???

Anyway, neurosis aside, there are lots of uses for shampoo. If you have a whole bottle, you can use it instead of laundry detergent. 1/4 cup or less per load should work great. This is also helpful if you run out of laundry detergent, but can’t go to the store immediately for whatever reason. I know I can’t be the only one who has started a load of laundry late at night, or when visiting friends or family and put all my clothes into the washer and started it before checking to make sure there was detergent, and I am NOT going out in public in my Batman pajamas, because I will end up on People of Wal-Mart for sure.

You can also use shampoo to wash your pets. I like to that the shampoo bottles that are almost out, add some water, and shake it up. This makes it easier to get the shampoo spread over the wriggling, screeching pet so the bath can end more quickly. I like the way human shampoo smells better than the pet kind anyway.

You can actually use shampoo in the dishwasher also, if you run out of dish soap. Don’t try to use Dawn, because that will cause an epic bubble flood, but that is actually an easy way to mop the floor, if you’re prepared for it. If you’re not in the mood for epic bubble floods, use shampoo instead.

You can use it as body wash, to wash your car, or lots of other stuff. Shampoo is just soap, so if you have a brand you hate for some reason, just use it anywhere you would use liquid soap.

I think my goal when I write posts like this is to spread my fixation with getting my money’s worth out of everything I buy. That way I won’t seem like such a nutcase.

Mi Madre is a constant reader of my blog (one of the two I have), and when she and I were on the phone yesterday she told me something awesome. She said that when my sister and I were teens, she despaired of us ever cleaning a thing voluntarily. After reading the Deep Clean Week posts, she said it should reassure parents everywhere that kids do develop the ability to clean, and in fact I probably clean more thoroughly than she does. She really did say that! In fairness, she lives on a farm, and has greater concerns than sweeping the floor thoroughly. Our conversation ended yesterday when she had to go herd cows out of the vegetable garden. No joke.

Bottom line, I hope all you people enjoy my practicality as much as I do. If not, here’s a kitten for some entertainment value!


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  1. Beans replied:

    I do it too…I bought some Shampoo and Conditioner in 1 crap, because I wa trying to save money. I hated it. My hair constantly felt greasy. It became dog shampoo, and stayed int he bathroom cabinet for when the dog rolls in cow crap. Yes, he really does that. Last time we were out of town, and the dog was getting baby-sat, he was on his best behavior, rolled in cow crap to show off to his babysitter just how great he can smell, and then jumped on the couch. The babysitter ran into my bathroom to look for dog shampoo, and he grabbed the bottle of Shampoo + Conditioner, prepared to bathe like crazy, until he called us and we told him just hose him off in the backyard (this was probably before we knew the dog had ALREADY been IN the house). I thought it was funny that even a boy, who cares nothing about why a girl would hate shampoo + conditioner, would pick that bottle out as dog shampoo. I think that’s a sign for all shampoo companies to stop advertising it as a combo, and start selling it at PetCo.

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      I bought some super-cheap conditioner because it smelled good, and it made my hair feel like straw. It became basically dog perfume. I washed him with it at the end of his baths so he smelled nice, even though it never lasts long.

      PS. You are so country!!

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