Hubby has always been a huge fan of curry, and pretty much anything spicy. I have been attempting to increase my tolerance for spicy things, and have discovered that I actually like curry, too. I’ve never been able to make it at home, until my friend Black of Two Tokens recommended this:

The directions on the side are for meat, but I used it before to make a tofu, cauliflower and onion curry and it was fantastic. This time I decided to use cauliflower, onion, and cooked lentils. I chopped up and sauteed and entire head of cauliflower, and a medium onion.

Once it started to get brownish, I added 2 1/2 cups of water, as per the directions, and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. I added my fully cooked 2 cups of lentils, and then let everything heat back up, since they came from the fridge.

This is what comes out of the package:

The whole thing is made like a chocolate bar, so you just break it into chunks, and mix it into the food. They start to melt, and thicken in the liquid. Make sure to stir constantly, and try to avoid lumps.

Here’s the finished product! It was really good, and the lentils kind of melted into the sauce. I think I might try chick peas next time, since they might hold up a little better. I may have used a bit too much cauliflower for the amount of sauce created, but it was still really good.

Even though the package says medium hot, I don’t find this to be hot in the slightest. They do have mild and other version, and I found it at my normal grocery store in the asian section. It was maybe $2.50 for the box? Not too bad. This is not the type of curry that has the coconut milk in it. I love those sooooo much, but again, have no idea how to make it. I am starving right now, and writing this post is torture. Time to acquire snacks!!


March 21, 2011. Tags: , , , , . Cooking.


  1. the kornberg replied:

    If you go to phonecia or similar type food places, you can find jars of curry things that you just heat up and add meat/veg to. So freaking good. I also kind of want to eat the currybar.

  2. Black replied:

    the really spicy one is the pretty much the only one we get – it’s the only one with a kick. good stuff glad you like it!

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      I found the spicy one recently! I’m excited to try it. Hubby loves these curries, so thanks so much for introducing us to it!

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