A New Look with Old Sheets

I have lots of windows in my house, which is nice, but sometimes I want to walk around in clothes that the neighbors shouldn’t see me in. I have an easy, lazy solution. This is especially lazy if you are lucky enough to have curtain rods already in place.

You can see the bare curtain rod in our library-but-supposed-to-be-a-dining-room.

These magic little clips are the key. You just hang them on the rod, then you can clip any fabric onto it. You don’t have to add loops to the top, or sew a giant tube at the top or nothing. Just clip the sheets on, and poof! New curtains!

Right now I can hear my mother going “BAH!!! I only gave you those to use as drop cloths! Don’t you know how old those are?! They’re probably 90% dust mites by now! And they’re POLYESTER!!!!”

It’s all true. These were sheets from the family farm that my parents just moved into. The whole family has been storing excess furniture etc, up there since the ’60’s. That place also supplied the makings of Flapjack’s dog bed. These particular sheets are in great shape, probably because they’re polyester. I have several reasons for using these:

1) They match each other. I had nothing else to put up that was not just going to be one big panel across the whole thing.

2) I love my neighbors. They’re quiet and polite, and bring me cookies at the holidays, but their son has a trampoline, which was obviously a good investment because he uses it all the time. I don’t like wondering if he’s seen me walking around in my panties and a sweater while I do laundry.

3) Flapjack has learned he can see squirrels through this window if he climbs on the couch, and I want something over there I don’t have to worry about. He’s been scampering back and forth like he’s on speed.

So those are the curtains. They’re staying there for awhile, or at least until my mom comes over and rips them down in a fit of Martha-Stewartism. Just kidding. She’ll probably show up with hand made curtains made from vintage fabrics cut specifically for this window that will put all my crafting to shame. That’s my plan, anyway.


March 5, 2011. Tags: , , , , . House Stuff, Thriftiness is Cool.


  1. Mom replied:

    Love the idea, just not those particular sheets. You are right – they are POLYESTER! I have lots of other ones you can choose from!

    Old tablecloths work well too. Maybe a reason to go thrifting?

  2. Survive the Heat « My Attempts at Cleverness replied:

    […] and I converted these shirts to curtains somewhere around six years ago. Instead of using this method with the curtain clips, I sewed loops of ribbon to one end of each sheet. I measured out the loops ahead of time to make […]

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