Book Review: Extras

This is 7th book I’ve finished this year. That seems kind of low, for me. I’m reading 2 right now; maybe that’s slowing me down. Anyway, back to this book. “Extras” is the 4th in the “Uglies” series I reviewed earlier.

It’s a good book. It wasn’t quite as good as the other ones in the series, but I think there are several reasons for this. The author, Scott Westerfeld, expected the series to be a trilogy, so this one came a while after the original 3. This book also follows a different main character. Tally is still in it, but it’s not from her point of view. This book also reminded me a lot more of the world we live in now, with blogs and you tube, rather than the post-apocalyptic future of the first three.

I still enjoyed it, and I will be keeping it, and possibly rereading it. I need to make an actual scale, but for now we’re giving it a “It earned a place on my bookshelf, and will probably be shared with friends and family”.


February 23, 2011. Tags: , , , , , , , . Book Reviews.

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