I’m Not Making Bottle Lights

Again, I’m flipping throught the Re-Nest website. I found these light fixtures made from bottles:

Gorgeous, right? And they seem like they’d be super simple to recreate on your own. You can get glass-frosting paint at craft stores, and the lamp parts as well. I constantly have empty wine bottles around (glug, glug, that’s me!), and my area doesn’t recycle glass! I had convinced myself to try this.

It looks like you just have to cut the bottom off the bottle, frost the glass, and sand the bottom edge thoroughly. I’ve seen many articles about how to make drinking glasses from wine bottles, like this one on Instructables. Once I started actually reading the steps, I got intimidated.

It sounds like at any second, the bottle could shatter and explode all over me, or else I have to spend the next decade sanding with a dremel tool, and trying not to breath in ground glass. Honestly, these things are pretty, but I don’t need more light fixtures in my house. I don’t need to burn more electricity, have more clutter, less time, and more dust catchers. I think I’ll stick to my box wine, which is much cheaper and more eco-friendly. If anyone actually tried this, let me know. To me, this is a little too focused on reusing something, but disregarding the amount of work you put into it, and the actual result. But, that’s just my opinion.


February 21, 2011. Tags: , , , , , , , , . Arts and Crafts, Thriftiness is Cool.

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