Book Review: Uglies

I have a habit of picking up random books for a buck or so at Half Price Books, thrift stores, where ever. I usually buy a stack (spending about $10 or less), then stick them on a shelf in the house. By the time I get to them, I’ve forgotten what they’re about or why they sounded interesting. Here’s where the crazy shows up: I don’t reread the cover because I like to be surprised. Nuerotic? That’s me. Just wait. I’ve managed to cover up a lot of the crazy so far (except maybe for my Super Soup recipe). I’m sure more of it will start leaking into the blog over time as I lose my grip on social norms and reality. So keep reading!

Yes, um. Where was I going with all that? Ok, so I saw this book on my shelf called Uglies, and I started reading. And I loved it. LOVED IT. If you ever read The Giver as a kid, it reminds me of that book, but with more of a 1984, this-could-really-happen storyline. When I got to the end, it just ended. I was shocked, then looked online, and sure enough! SEQUELS!! I wish I could show you my face when I figured that out. So I techinically read Uglies last year, so we’re not counting that for 2011. I did, however read both Pretties and Specials this year, so we’re counting those 2.

Both Pretties and Specials were fantastic. They follow the same main character, and everything gets crazier and crazier, in a super bad ass way. I may sit down and read them all again. And you know what? The author, Scott Westerfeld has written a BUNCH of books! Now I have someone new to obsess over and book-stalk! Plus, he has a gorgeous steam punk themed website!! I may have to step up the design over here. Anyone have any ideas?

Final ruling: absolutely love the series, and I will definitely be hunting down some more of his books. I need to make up a real rating system, but until then, this gets a SUPER HAPPY FACE!!


January 25, 2011. Tags: , , , , , , . Book Reviews.

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