I missed my Dad’s birthday because I was pole dancing

So it sounds bad, but yes my whole family got together last weekend for my Dad’s birthday and I couldn’t go because I had a pole dancing class scheduled. I’m sure many of you have seen the ads for Flirty Girl Fitness, which are basically work out DVDs you order from TV that teach you how to lap dance because it’s an awesome work out. Same deal with pole dancing.

Awhile ago Groupon had a coupon for half off a private pole dancing class at Brass Ovaries. My dear friend Doctor Stacey and I jumped right on that. I almost bought an extra one at the time, and now I wish I had. It was super fun, and laid back, and it was definitely a whole body work out.

You minions know that I am not the most physically active person ever, and I kind of hate working out, and exercise, and moving in general. This, however, was fun and not at all repeptitive. I think the fact that I was using my body while learning a skill made it a lot more entertaining. It has actually made me consider looking into some kind of class along these lines I could go to regularly. Brass Ovaries does offer those types of classes. I just need to check into the pricing, plus they’re a little far south for me. If I lived near there I would be all over that place.

Overall, the instructor was fun and helpful, and gave great pointers. The routine we learned was easily managed by out-of-shape little me, so anyone can do it, and it was a unique opportunity. If they pop up on Groupon again I will buy several. Try it out!

Oh right, and my Dad was fine with it. He exact words were “We all just saw each other at Christmas. Why are we getting together again?” Maybe you can see where my practical streak comes from? Happy Birthday, Dad!


January 19, 2011. Tags: , , , , , , , , , . Bucket List, My Quest to be more Interesting.

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