Mini Adventure: Geo Laundry

Hubby and I have odd little adventures periodically, and I usually think to myself, “Of course, this is how it happens for us”. I’m sure millions of people go to the laundromat and get their clothes cleaned in an uneventful way. I wish there had even been one funny event that occured, but instead it was a series of inconveniences, mostly caused by our own ineptness. I’ll share the story just so you can have an easier go of it than we did.

The reason we ventured out to a laundromat, is that I found a bad ass rug for FREE! We all know that free is my favorite thing in the world, second only to my sweet Hubby. Big trash day is like Christmas to me, only nothing is wrapped, and I can grab anything with no repercussions. Trying to take a Christmas gift from my sis, Beans, is a terrible idea. One of you please try it so I can laugh wildly while she bludgeons you to death with your own leg. I am too scared to try it myself. Although if we fought, it might be like Bizarro fighting Superman. We’d be so equally matched, we’d probably just kick each other in the bad knees we both have (thanks, genetics), then lay on the floor screaming childhood injustices at each other: “You stole my Barbie!” “Well YOU lost my hacky sack!”.

So, back to the rug. It’s a nice, large area rug, which I guess would be classified as oriental. It’s a dark red, and the perfect size to fit in front of the couch. Now that we have the concrete floors, I wanted a couple area rugs to soften up the look of the house. I stumbled on this one, and stuffed it in the back of Hubby’s car, and ignored it for a month or two. I finally did some research online, and found a laundromat near us. We had previously been to Coinless Laundry, near Metric and Parmer, but I feel like that place is kind of a scam. If you go there all the time it’s probably fine, but for a one time trip, it’s not worth it. We had to buy a card to put money on to use in the machines, and then, of course, could not use up everything on the card, but you also can’t get it back, as far as I know.

This time we went to Geo Laundry. The place is like a time machine. It was clean and warm, but could be from any 80’s movie. There were a few video game machines, and an old poster of Roseanne, and a TV playing music videos. The soap dispenser machine looked like it was from the 70’s, but it is so kitchey I freaking loved it. The misadventures that ensued were completely our own fault.

First of all, we only found $4 in quarters in the house. We needed to use one of the large capacity machines for this rug (which was why I couldn’t wash it at home) and those are $3.50. I sent Hubby to the gas station around the corner to use their ATM. Fortunately, Geo Laundry has a change machine, unfortunately, it can’t take $20 bills. I also, not-so-cleverly, forgot all my laundry soap and dryer softener at home. It was $0.75 for a box of detergent from the machine, so I broke down and bought some.

The machine seemed to run just fine, but the rug is so massive and thick, I think it mostly just got wet, and spun around in the exact same position the whole time. It didn’t have room to agitate properly. Once it was done, I attempted to pull it out, and move it to a dryer. No luck. That thing was stuck in there like Winnie the Pooh. I set down my book, purse, and jacket, and gave it all I had. Nothing. By this point, the polite person next to me, who looked like a miniature version of a frightening biker, noticed me struggling, and politely asked if it was stuck. He was very nice, and we laughed about it while I texted Hubby to come back from his walk and rescue me.

He eventually did, and wrenched it out of the machine, with no damage to the machine, rug, or himself. We stuffed it into a giant dryer, which was $0.25 for 8 minutes, and turned it on for $0.75 worth. A helpful patron told us that was usually long enough to get most things dry.

The poor dryer could apparently not handle the accursed demon rug, and kept trying to reject it. The weight of the rug hitting the door kept popping it open and stopping the dryer. Hubby and I took turns leaning against the door to hold it shut, while I read to him aloud. After one more drying cycle, it was ready to go.

All in all, what should have taken maybe an hour, took more like 2 1/2 or 3. Here’s my advice: bring your own laundry soap and dryer softener, make sure you have ample quarters to avoid a useless ATM fee, or at least have some actual cash, smaller than a $20. Bring a book, and if you dislike talking to people, employ the false ear buds strategy from the jury duty post. Everything seemed in working order, and the other patrons were polite and quiet, just like I like them. Planning ahead can make this chore pretty simple.


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  1. Beans replied:

    You don’t steal from Beans. The last guy that did disappeared. His name…was Beans.

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