Improve Your Dexterity!

Most of us have one hand that is actually capable of doing things, and one that just sits around like a dead fish. Some people are lucky enough to be ambidextrous, but they are spoiled jackasses, so we will completely ignore them right now (There! How does that feel, you ambi-bastards? Why don’t you go…oh wait there’s no activity in life that only you can do with your two working hands. Everything is adapted to us normals! Ooh, you can stand on either side of home plate while playing baseball? Well no one even cares about baseball. Bazinga!)

That was a helluva tangent. Anyway, I used to play viola in high school, but now my left hand is mostly used for either holding things in place while my right hand does the real work, like crocheting, or chopping vegetables, or for guitar hero. My left hand is not great with guitar hero, and I feel my right hand is under-utilized by just strumming repeatedly. I have heard, however, that you can increase the coordination in your non-dominant hand with certain simple activities. I thought I would make a list of good activities you can perform with your non-dominant hand to increase coordination, and bad activities that you should probably just continue to use your dominant hand for.

Good activities to increase your non-dominant hand’s coordination:
1. Brushing your teeth 
2. Dialing the phone
3. Juggling
4. Brushing your hair
5. Getting dressed
6. Painting large areas, like walls. Not recommended for painting pictures, unless you are an abstract artist. Then it might be beneficial.
7. Washing dishes
8. Scrubbing anything, such as counter tops, bathrooms, or cars
Bad activities to increase you non-dominant hand’s coordination:
1. Performing surgery
2. Writing important things, like your will, or letters to our alien over-lords begging for mercy
3. Cutting your own hair
4. Tattooing anyone, including yourself and death row inmates
5. Applying mascara
6. Giving a cop the finger
7. Using any kind of sharp implement. This includes piercing, chopping, or carving anything
8. Shifting on a standard, non-British car.

I’m sure others will occur to me, so I may come back and update this post later. If you think of something good, email it to me so I can add it and then take credit for it. Thanks minions!


January 9, 2011. Tags: , , , , , , , , . Random typing.


  1. Ashley Porter replied:

    All I can do is chuckle… ambi-bastards I love it!

  2. Carl Vigilante replied:

    I’ve been working so hard at becoming an ambi-bastard, now I’m having second thoughts! I think I’ll just become a lefty, I want people to like me.

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      Carl, if your last name is really vigilante, I think people will like you regardless, possibly for their own safety.

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