Welcome the New Year

Hopefully you have some kind of plans for New Years, even if it’s just sitting home, watching movies and the count down. There are lots of traditions surrounding this time of year, and I thought I’d give you a little rundown of the ones I plan on celebrating.

1) Champagne – Yes please!! I freaking love this stuff, and this is the one time of year it’s socially acceptable to drink several bottles, all by myself, “for luck”.

2) Black eyed peas – I think this is mostly a Southern tradition. I have some vegetarian and vegan friends coming over, so I won’t be using up any of my glorious leftover Christmas ham. I plan to put them in a pot with a ton of water, and boil them until they’re nice and tender. I may even get crazy and boil them with a beer or two mixed in. Then I’ll saute some chopped, fresh garlic, onions, and jalapenos, and mix it into the beans, along with some chili powder, salt, and cumin. Om nom nom.

3) Grapes – this is another tradition I learned about last year at the party of a friend who does more research than I do. You are supposed to eat 12 grapes, one for each month of the new year. Some people eat a 13th one for bonus good luck.

Epicurious has a really good article about more traditions, that I would basically have to plagiarize in order to keep going, so maybe you should just read that.   

To all of my friends, family, and random readers, thanks for reading this year, and continue to do so, or I’ll find you. Happy New Years!!!


December 31, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , . Cooking, Random typing.

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