What I Learned from Tyra

Now that Tyra Banks’ talk show is no longer on the air, I’m not sure how to feel about it. She definitely tried to throw substance into the show, and cover issues that mattered, even if her handling of situations was not the best (her in a fat suit on blind dates accusing men of disliking her because she was fat was really uncomfortable, and seemed staged). I’m working during the day, so I never watched much of her show personally. I mostly just saw clips from The Soup, which were HIGH-larious! I did, however, glean a couple useful bits of information from her.

Bras: Bras are hard to choose. You can’t just grab the cutest and be done with it, despite what Victoria’s Secret would have us believe (SIDERANT: No more jokes about “Well, I guess Victoria’s Secret is out!” That’s not clever. It is obvious and boring, so please stop. Everyone has now been officially notified, so anyone making jokes similar to this in the future may be pummeled with oranges until they repent. END SIDERANT).

First, you have to know your cup size, which I think you get by trial-and-error (I may have missed the start of the episode). The around your body part, the 34, or 38, etc, is tricky also. It is supposed to be below your shoulder blades. If yours is riding up constantly, you need a SMALLER size, not a larger one. This is also what can cause the top of the bra cups to flop forward. When you are picking out your bra, you also need to make sure this part fits you firmly on the LOOSEST setting (the Courtney Love setting? ooh! Burn!) Bras tend to stretch over time, so you can use the tighter clasps as time goes on.

Another hint I learned from a friend working at a lingerie shop, is never put them through the dryer, and try to hand wash them as much as possible. That keeps the cups from doing that thing where they get all bizarre and lumpy, seemingly with nothing inside to make lumps from. Is it the work of an evil sorcerer? I don’t know, but I do know that reshaping, and then allowing bras to air dry seems to foil his dark spells.

Lips: I get chapped lips like nobody’s business, for no apparent reason. I have tried all kinds of chap-sticks and lip salves, and glosses, but not much helped. Tyra showed that using your tooth brush to brush your lips gently helped remove all that horrible dead skin, and make your lips nice and soft. I took this a step further. When I go to bed at night, I put on a thick coating of chap-stick. This soaks in overnight, and makes the dead skin soft, and easier to remove in the morning when I brush my teeth and lips. Huzzah! It works better than anything I’ve ever tried.

I hope all of this helps some of you. I apologize for the lack of Christmas craft posts. There is a lot of crafting going on around here but a) much of it is gifts I don’t want people to see online before they get them, and b) my computer is still dead, and I have no idea if my camera is compatible with this Mac, or how to make that happen. On another side note, I keep getting questions about how to comment. There’s a little button at the bottom of each post that says Leave a Comment, right down there mixed in with all the tags, and the published date. It’s hard to see, but it’s there, and I do read, and generally respond to all comments, so keep them coming. Maybe you yahoos can give me some ideas instead of making ME do all the work. I’m a lazy person, or haven’t you figured that out yet??


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