I love the Animal Trustees of Austin

All you people are probably up-to-date on the current saga of my life, including the face that my computer has a virus and all my wonderful photos are unreachable, and that I have several animals around my house. Those two facts are why this post is being written today. I really love the Animal Trustees of Austin, and I will tell you why.

If you are unaware, the Animal Trustees is a low cost spay/neuter service, as well as a clinic for basic animal services (like shots and flea prevention, not medical issues where you’d need a vet). I’m always surprised at the number of people I know who have never even heard of this place. I’m not sure how I heard of it to begin with, but they have saved me tons of money over the years.

That’s my dear puppy, Flapjack. Recently, we had to take him to the Animal Trustees for the following items: heart worm test, 6 months of heart worm medication, 6 months of flea prevention, and nail trim. All of this cost about $130. That sounds like a lot, but my vet would have cost at least $220, at the least. The heart worm test is a one-time deal, and my sweet baby came back clean! Hooray! Taking that into account, since the other expenses are over 6 months, it’s about $18 per month to have my dog, medically. We’re not talking about food or anything. It would be $30 per month if I went to my vet for the basics.

We also got Flapjack and our cat Mushroom fixed there, and they did a wonderful job. You can tell they really care about all the animals, and everyone I’ve talked to has been extremely knowledgeable.

There are 2 separate sections: the wellness clinic, and the spay/neuter clinic. Their website has more details about what they offer, and when to show up. They don’t schedule appointments, so you have to show up, with your animal, ready to wait. Cats MUST be in crates, or they have cardboard carriers for $5. Seriously though, get a cat carrier at the thrift store. I see them all the time. Bleach the hell out of it before you put your pet into it, and I would throw away any bedding in it, just to be on the safe side, but otherwise there should be no worries.

I don’t know what else to write, that isn’t already written more articulately on their site. They are located off I-35 North and Cameron Road, and parking is limited, so try to get there early, and bring the smallest vehicle you own. Also bring a book or something to entertain yourself, because you may have to wait for awhile.

This place provides low cost spay and neuter services partly funded by donations, and with the goal of ending overpopulation of animals. Donating to this place would be a wonderful Christmas gift for the animal lover on your gift list. It’s way better than another ceramic kitten figurine, and you don’t have to wrap it. Yay for anti-shopping!!


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  1. phuongie replied:

    i LOVE them, too!!!! i always took tophu there when we still lived there. and even when we had moved back to houston, i would still make the 2.5 hr drive there to get him checked out annually, but my car will no longer last long enough to get there. houston clincs are just not the same. they’re inefficient, slow, and a waste of time. i wish i had animal trustees here. =(

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