How to make work less crappy

I know, we all hate our jobs. Even for people that have fairly decent jobs, this is the case. Why? Because we aren’t designed to sit at a desk, staring at computer screens, or stand in one spot serving coffee all day long. We are supposed to be out searching for deer and berries! Or, at least, I’m supposed to be at home, watching movies and crocheting. Yes, that’s how my people evolved.  

Regardless, work sucks. So, how do we make an ucky situation more bearable? Well, you are on the right blog post, because I am all about that.

1) Snacks – I keep a hoard of nice little treats in my desk for those days that are just unbearable. I’m not talking about candy, necessarily, because I don’t want to grow into my chair. Things like fruit leather, beef jerky, oatmeal, and yes, chocolate, are perfect desk snacks. I also like those fruit cups with the tiny oranges. We have a group fridge in our office, and I do keep a few things in there, like yogurt, bananas and peanut butter, or carrots and dressing, cottage cheese, and humus. Anything that is small, easy to eat while still working, and at least somewhat healthy is a good idea.

2) Beverages – you know I have an unhealthy obsession with beverages. I bring my own iced tea to work, and we have coffee and water provided. I bring skim milk to put in the way-too-much coffee I drink, so I don’t have to use that powdered junk that was recently added to the “Seemingly-innocuous-but-gives-you-cancer” list. I brought a liter of juice up here, drank it, and have been reusing the bottle to mix my own Crystal Light at the office. It’s much easier and cheaper, and eco-friendly to do it that way, as opposed to the individual water bottle sized packets. I try really hard to drink enough water during the day, and this method definitely helps.

3) Physical Comfort – I try and wear the most comfortable, yet office-appropriate clothing I can get my hands on. I have several tops that are basically glorified t-shirts, and I loooooove them. I also wear only flats, or fairly low heels.  

4) Environmental Comfort – This one can be harder to achieve if you don’t have a designated work space to call your own. If that’s the case, I suggest having a bag of some sort that you carry with you that has your comfort-creating items in it, if possible. I keep a sweater and space heater in my office at all times, because this place is freaking freezing. I also have a small stool under my desk to put my feet up on. I also brought a decorative metal box from home to put my monitor on so it would be easier to look at all day long. I have been intending to bring a normal lamp up here for ages, to counteract the halogen lights at least somewhat, and make this place more bearable. I have a bamboo on my desk, but my main goal with that is not to kill it, like I did its predecessor (sorry, Carl!).

5) Work Related – I make sure I have the pens I like, in ample supply, and all the things I tend to use. For example, I have post-its galore in here, because I use them for everything. I try to keep the clutter on top of my desk to a minimum, just because it helps keep me sane.

Just try to figure out what things about work irritate you, and are under your control to improve.

For those of you who are in school, or do not have a designated work-space, here are my suggestions for what you should have with you most of the time (guys, just get a messenger bag, or keep these things in your car. There’s no need to get a purse):

A) Tissues – can be used for everything from blowing your nose to cleaning up a spill, to staunching a wound.

B) Water – whether you have a reusable bottle, or a planet killing one, just have it around. The worst thing is being trapped somewhere, with nothing to drink, and thirsty as hell.

C) Entertainment – I kept a small novel in my glove box for years. It was perfect for the dentist, mechanic, jury duty, or waiting on a friend. I also carried a Sudoku and pencil in my purse.

D) Pens – I have been at the bank so many times, in the car lane with those swooshy things that send your money to the tellers inside, and I don’t have to request a pen to sign my checks because I have a dozen in the car. For some reason, it takes them 20 minutes to send you a pen in the swooshy thing, and I don’t want to sit around with my engine running that whole time.

E) If you tend to get cold, keep a sweater in your bag or car. I have one I got at a thrift store specifically for this. It’s black and white, so it basically matches anything, and it’s great for those times when I’m stuck somewhere that is frigid.

F) Emergency Supplies – I keep gum, those small plastic flosser things, and a tiny bottle of mouthwash in my desk at work so I can prevent any lunch-related embarrassment. Listerine also make those teensy breath-strips, which would be easier to carry around.

Ok, so I’m kind of out of things to say, and can’t exactly think of an ending to this post, so how about “and then, the unicorn ran into the woods, to spread joy and happiness for all eternity. The end.”


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