Minor Alteration

I’m kind of picky about T-shirts. I hate it when the collar is just tight enough that it feels like a really weak, tiny python is trying to kill you all day long. We have a work event coming up where such shirts were dolled out. I instantly hated it. I mean, not only does it have the logo of my oppressor employer emblazoned across the front, it was super uncomfortable and ill-fitting. What more can a girl ask for? Unflattering AND uncomfortable? Sign me up!

This is the shirt collar, pre-intervention.

I cut it! That’s right! I just hauled off and cut a slit in that bad boy.

I tried it on after I cut it, and folded the edges under, to see if it would meet my neck-space requirements.

I made sure to roll the edges under and pin them down. You want to create as natural of a neckline as possible, because however you sew it underneath will show through the fabric. I, of course, used the whip stitch for this one. I don’t have thread in this blinding color of blue, so I was using something darker. I tried to lift only one thread at a time to sew through the front so as little thread as possible would show.

The end! You can barely see the stitching on the edges, and it makes a nice V, instead of the blocky shape of the fabric flaps. It looks decent, and it’s more comfortable. If I was going to do this with a shirt I cared about, I might even wrap the collar with ribbon to make it look more finished.

AFTER all this work I thought to myself, “I wonder if we have to give these back after the event?” I believe the answer is no, but that is something I should have thought about before getting all scissor-happy.


November 19, 2010. Tags: , , , , , . Arts and Crafts.

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