Necklace Holder

Now that you have undoubtedly made lots of necklaces, because you obviously do whatever I say, and you read this, this and this post, you now need somewhere to put them. I happen to have lots of junk laying around my house, constantly, so I reused a bit of it to solve my too-much-necklace-having problem.

Oh no! Too many necklaces!

I used a picture frame that we had accidentally broken the glass out of, some fleece fabric, a glue gun, and black fabric.

This particular frame has wood backing, which worked out really well for this project. The sturdiness was really helpful. I measured about five layers of this fleece fabric to be the padding. You could use some quilt batting also, but I wouldn’t recommend polyfill, or any regular stuffing. You need something that will stay completely flat. 4 of the layers were cut exactly to the edges of the wood. The last layer is shown here. The first 4 layers are between the wood and the larger layer. The larger piece will wrap around to the back of the wood, holding in all the edges of the smaller pieces. If you had all those layers wrapped around the side it would be too fat to fit back in the frame.

Once I had all the fleece fabric cut and measured, I squirted some tacky glue onto the wood to hold the fabric on. I also went a little crazy putting some glue between the layers. That was a bit of an issue later, and I’m still on the fence about whether or not to use it. If you do put glue between the layers, use it sparingly, and don’t make any globbies. Oh, that’s not a word spell checker? What about blobbies? No?! Well then what the hell should I call them?

I cut the black fabric about a half inch bigger than the fleece fabric. I folded the raw edges under, and secured everything with loads of hot glue. If the fabric were not going back into the frame, I would have used something else that would secure this better. Since the frame will be holding everything in place, I’m not that worried about it.

I folded it over all nice and pretty, even knowing that this would never show, because I’m neurotic like that. Once everything is dry, and I cannot emphasize that enough, once it is COMPLETELY DRY, pop that bad boy back in its frame. I lined my new necklaces up all pretty-like, and used needles stabbed into all that padding to hold them up. This makes it really easy to hang them up and rearrange them, provided you waited until the glue dried!

My not-so-clever confessions: I used big glue blobbies, and didn’t wait for them to fully dry. As a result, some of the needles were really hard to get out, and even put back in, because glue had either dried onto them, or in bog globs under the surface. The whole thing looks fantastic though, and I barely had to move the needles at all to avoid glue glops. Learn from my fail.


November 11, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , . Arts and Crafts.


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  3. Candace replied:

    Where did you get that fleece? I have been searching everywhere for it!

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