It’s Necklace Time

I love making jewelry. When I made the bottle cap necklaces, and the random objects necklaces, I made several others using scrabble tiles and dominoes. The cool thing about those, is that I can cut out cute pictures and glue them on, also!

In both of the previous posts, I went over how to attach the backing that will make this a necklace charm. If you already read that, you will not be punished by having me repeat it all again. If you haven’t read it, you’re a bad minion, and must send me gifts as retribution!

Anyway, I glued the necklace holder do-hickey onto the front of the domino, which becomes the back of the necklace. I did the same with the scrabble tiles. Sorry it’s a bit blurry.

I used the letter, or domino to trace over the picture I was going to use. I then cut it out, and measured it against the necklace several times to make sure it would fit. I did a lot of trimming. I used the same silicon glue and toothpick to spread glue on, then pressed the picture onto the glue really hard. Glue will probably squish out from the sides, but just wipe it off. Make sure the corners are stuck down securely. Once the necklaces had fully dried, I painted clear nail polish over them.

This is one of the finished scrabble tiles. It came out so cute! I just use magazines I’ve had for years. Just be sure to let everything dry a lot, and make certain the corners of the magazine pieces are glued firmly down. Soon you will get to see the massive number of necklaces I made during this one session all lined up together!


November 9, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , . Arts and Crafts.


  1. Necklace Holder « My Attempts at Cleverness replied:

    […] made lots of necklaces, because you obviously do whatever I say, and you read this, this and this post, you now need somewhere to put them. I happen to have lots of junk laying around my house, […]

  2. the kornberg replied:

    you can use modge podge as glue and as a protective coat. it’s about 6 bucks for a big old pot of it and it is easier to work with than clear nail polish. also dries faster.

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      I’ve used mod podge for lots of projects, but it’s not water-proof. I’m constantly doing things like spilling beverages on myself, or splashing water down my front when I brush my teeth, so I wanted to make sure my jewelry would be unaffected by my clumsiness.

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