Mini Adventure: Yard Dog

UPDATE: I have been informed, by Yard Dog themselves (itself? Is it a sentient being??) that these pics are in fact from Heritage Boots. They were super polite about it, which I appreciate. My apologies to Heritage Boots for being so unobservant. I can only blame my eyeballs and faulty genetics.

We definitely try to keep it weird here in Austin. One of my favorite weird areas, especially to take friends to, is the South Congress area. The shops sell crafts, artwork, food, and all kinds of random stuff. We’re going to start off with Yard Dog.

This is a two story neon pin up girl. You know I wanted to drag this home with me!

This place has tons of old signs and antiques decorating it, but it is still so bad ass. It’s the look I attempt for our place. Yes, attempt.

On a side note, these have been brought back! I saw them the other day, and I was oddly excited, considering I never owned one.

I just love collections of things, and these brightly colored boots caught my eye. They look so awesome all together like that.

All I know is, I WANT THIS. That is so gorgeous, I can hardly stand it!! I must find some way to replicate it!


November 7, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , . My Quest to be more Interesting, Random typing.


  1. Randy Franklin replied:

    Thanks for the mention, but those photos are from Heritage Boots, not Yard Dog.

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      Damn it! That’s the problem with going all up and down Congress all at once. I guess I’ll correct it. Way to make me do work! 🙂

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