Bottle Cap Necklaces

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a bunch of random stuff around the house that I decided to start making into jewelry. Why does it get to laze around the house for free while Hubby and I are busting our booties at work all the time? Time for all this junk to start pulling its weight!

Over the years I have collected, and then thrown out, and collected again a bunch of beer bottle caps. I have seen so many cool things made from them, but most of the projects require hundreds of bottle tops. I always get sick of the clutter and chuck them all before I have enough to complete anything. Finally I have a project I can complete with each beer I finish!

I have always collected cool magazine pictures, so I have plenty of resources to pull from. To make a necklace you need some kind of cute picture, a bottle cap, silicon glue, a tooth pick, and the necklace hanger I used in the other post. A quarter is the perfect size template to trace the paper to go in the bottle cap. After I cut out what I wanted to use, I spread the glue into the cap with the tooth pick.

I made sure to press the picture down really hard into the glue. Squish it around to make sure there are no air bubbles trapped.

I let it dry thoroughly, then attached the necklace holder on the back. In the future, I plan to experiment with filling these with resin, but for now I decided I would use up some old clear nail polish. I poured a bunch in there, and let it dry over night.

It ended up looking really awesome. I now have several complete, with plans for a bunch more. I may even make some with magnets on the back instead of the necklace holder. I promise, I’m not using this as an excuse to drink more beer. Seriously. I’m just…recycling.


October 9, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , . Arts and Crafts.


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