Mini Adventure: Ikea!

We are fortunate enough to have an Ikea relatively near us, over in Round Rock. After we redid the floors, I wanted to get some new bookshelves. Our were a bit wobbly, and very bulky. I crave that Ikea streamlining.

This is the before, with the green carpet (YUCK!) still in place. You can see it’s pretty cluttered as well. Rather than having the shelves that are different heights, I wanted 4 all the same to go across that whole wall. So, off to Ikea we went.

You can’t go to Ikea without eating there, and we got the Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes, of course!

One other thing we got is the princess cake. It’s a little green cake, and it is so cute!

Super cute, right? Almost too cute to eat, but not quite.

There’s some kind of cream stuff, cakey stuff, and it’s all yummy. Nom, nom nom. So after all the noms, we did the shopping we’d come for. We bought 4 bookshelves for $30 each. After Hubby assembled them, this is what our new dining area/library looked like:

Tada! It looks so much better. You can see my T-shirt pillows on the couch over there, too. I like it so much more, and I think the $120 was totally worth it. Usually, I would try to find what we need at a thrift store, rather than buying new, but for this type of thing, I really doubted I could get 4 matching ones that were actually an improvement. Plus, Ikea is a very environmentally responsible company, so it meets my criteria for shopping there. Now, I’m hungry for more princess cake. Clever Chick, out.


September 29, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , , . House Stuff, Random typing, Thriftiness is Cool.

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    […] this one being the “prep” part. (You can see some awesome before and after pics in my Ikea post, if you can’t wait for part 2). The basics: remove carpet, remove carpet tacks, do not sand […]

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