Game Night

Sarah of the long red hair has game nights over at her house pretty frequently, and I must not be THAT repellent, because I get invited. Sarah is a master of theme parties. Even if she just does something small, I thinks it’s super cool.

The first game we played last time was called Wasabi.

You have to get ingredient cards to match up with your recipe cards, and then place them on the board. It’s kind of like scrabble too, because you can build off of other people’s recipes that are on the board. To go with the sushi theme, Sarah made sushi petit fours. Cake cut out, wrapped in fondant, then iced, with a bit more fondant for the sushi insides and sprinkles for the rice.

It was soooo hard not to gorge myself sick on them. Only the fact that there were other people around kept me from inhaling the whole tray.

We played another game, and I forgot what it’s called, but we were each building train tracks across the country.

You got points for each track, and for the longest track. You draw cards with two cities on them, say Los Angeles and Chicago, and you have to link the two cities with your track. I wish I could remember the name of the game, because it was really fun. Sarah and her boyfriend Travis have a wall of board games at their house, and every time we go we pick something different to play. It is so much fun!


September 28, 2010. Tags: , , , . My Quest to be more Interesting.


  1. Sara A. replied:

    The 2nd game is called Ticket to Ride and is also available on Xbox Live 🙂

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      Sweet! I will totally look for that. We need to do another game night soon!

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