Pixel Pop Fest

Back in July, my dear friend and fellow blogger Kathyphantastic told me about this event at Mohawk called the Pixel Pop Party. I had no idea what was going to happen, but Kathy always finds cool stuff, so I was totally on board.

This was totally my kind of event! They had arts and crafts for sale, and make your own buttons, and t-shirts! I made an Indiana Jones button, and my awesome wrist band is recycled t-shirt, and iron-on fabric. Not to brag, but I cut that all out by hand.

They also had awesome photo booths set up for FREE. You know free is my best friend, so we jumped right in. The whole night was Super Hero themed, hence my “POW” bracelet above, and the gloves and capes below:


That’s me and Hubby looking totally wicked on the right. Thanks to Trevor Ray for making me look so badass. Annie Ray, the other photographer did an amazing job as well. Both of these people had booths set up in crowded areas, but Annie’s was right by the bar, and look at the results:

Super hot, right?? I mean damn! I want to hire her to follow me around all the time! That looks so good I forgot what else I was going to blog about. Oh right, FOOD.

After the party, Hubby and I followed Kathyphantastic and her man, Fire Hair several blocks to eat out of a trailer. In case you hadn’t heard, trailer food is all the rage here. Austin freakin’ loves a taco truck. This one was totally worth the hike.

You read that right: Korean Mexican fusion. Oh yes. I had the tofu taco. It was stunning. I didn’t take a picture because I INHALED it. It was a bit spicy, but it burns so good…

We also saw random creepy guys in body suits while driving around. Austin has its share of weirdos (“You’re kidding!” “Nope, totally serious”). And here are two of them:

You can barely see him, but there’s a guy in an orange body suit next to the green guy. The evening wouldn’t be complete without some freaks. Someday, when I think you’re ready, I’ll show you Leslie. He’s a local treasure! And yes, he has his own wikipedia page. This place is wild!


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