More Soap Carving!

If you gotten back into the archives to read about my Pirate Soap, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Why that’s fantastic! But I don’t have a pirate themed bathroom!” First of all, why the hell not? Second of all there are many other possibilities for soap carving.

This was a “I miss you!” gift for Dr.Stacey, my dear friend who’s currently in medical school. She is busy as all get out, so I wanted to make something to brighten her day. She loooves Hello Kitty, so this is my sad imitation:

Hello Kitty!

Dr.Stacey loves kitties in general, and has two of her own. Unfortunately, the soap eventually fell victim to the kitty yogurt gun (she puked on it). Matt calls it a yogurt gun because that’s the noise they make in the midst of doing it: yog, yog, yog yoGurt, yoGURT, splat! The first time he told that joke, I laughed wine out my nose. Totally worth it.

The second one I made for my sis-in-law. She is a huge Tim Burton fan, which is part of why I love her so much!

This one was so much fun! I even did the little bat bow tie. See the eyes? It’s so hard to take a good picture of a white carving, but this one looked fantastic. I’m so proud! I may redo my pirate one while I’m making Dr.Stacey a new Hello Kitty, she will hopefully keep away from cat-puke level.


September 18, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , . Arts and Crafts.

One Comment

  1. manustawee replied:

    Hi my name is Aw I also carving soap , your soap carvings are so cute! ^.^


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