What’s in the Freezer Again?

To play “what’s in the freezer?” you just have to have very little food in the house, and be too lazy or poor to go buy more groceries. Today’s edition: pasta!

I had half a box of spaghetti, a bag of frozen spinach, half an onion, some olive oil and spices. First I cooked the spaghetti, then drained it in a colander.  I left it in the colander in the sink, and sautéed the chopped onions in the same pan in a little olive oil. When they were golden, I dropped in the spinach, still frozen. I put the lid on and let it cook for a little bit.

Funny story about spinach: a friend of ours once tried to order spinach in Spanish (say that 5 times fast!), and instead of asking for enchiladas espinaca, he said “es pinocha”, which means “Vagina”. The waitress and everyone at the table looked at him funny, then cracked up. The poor guy is from up north, so he had no idea. It’s still my favorite mistranslation.

Ok, now your spinach should be cooked. I added garlic salt and dill until it tasted good. I put the pasta into bowls, mixed some olive oil and garlic salt into it, then topped it with the spinach mixture. This would be good with mushrooms, or bacon, or a tiny bit of sausage in it also, or even (shudder) bell peppers, if you’re into that sort of thing. You can also substitute all kinds of greens instead of spinach, like chard or whatever your little heart desires. This would also have been good with Parmesan or some other cheese, but I didn’t have any.

The finished product! I didn’t think to take a picture until I had eaten some, but it gives you a good chance to see my beautiful turquoise bowls! It was soooo tasty…


September 16, 2010. Tags: , , , . Cooking.

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