Vineyard Visit

For our dear friend Matt’s birthday this year (he turned 29 and 48 months), Dr. Stacey took us all to a vineyard in New Braunfels for a wine tasting and tour. Dr.Stacey has the best freaking luck of anyone I know, other than my sister Beans. She is constantly winning contests with awesome prizes, and this was one of them. Jealous? You bet I am. At least I get to profit from her ridiculous luck.
Grape vines…fascinating!

We got to see the vines, take a tour of the winery, and see the giant barrels and tanks and things. Most importantly, we got to drink.

Crazy hats were a requirement

Our group loooves theme parties, and this one’s theme was crazy hats. The threat in the evite was that a crazy hat of Dr.Stacey’s choosing would be provided if you didn’t supply your own. Matt (in the background) wore a tiny straw hat, and Hubby (in the foreground) wore a leather pilot’s skullcap, as well as goggles. They are all drinking wine with jalapenos in the glass. This place also had fantastic sangria. Dr.Stacey provided cheese, fruit and crackers, and we had a grand old time. The great thing about good friends is that you can get together to do almost anything, and have a blast.

Time Machine cake!

The crowning jewel on a fantastic day, was we got cake from Brandy the Stewrat! Brandy’s cakes are legendary (at least among our group of friends), and this one met and exceeded all expectations. It’s a time machine, because we didn’t get to celebrate Matt’s bday until May, even though it was back in February. Believe me, it tastes even better than it looks, if that’s possible. Now my lunch seems unappetizing. I just want CAKE!! Om nom nom…


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