What time is it? Snack time!

Sometimes, I don’t feel like cooking. I don’t mind having something small instead of a real meal. Sometimes the xbox calls my name too loudly, and the dishes don’t want to be dirtied. Those are snack times.

I try to keep my snacks on the cheap and healthy side, otherwise I’d be 600 pounds (as I said, the xbox calls me). This is my brief attempt to list some of my favorite quick, easy, cheap, and semi-healthy snacks. I’m not going to lie, they aren’t all great for you, and I don’t watch calories; I just avoid carbs. These tend to lean in that direction.

Tostadas: Near the tortillas at the grocery store, there are bags of tostada shells. They are basically flat taco shells, and they cost around a dollar for a bag of 24. Spread some canned refried beans on top, and sprinkle a little cheese, and pop them in the oven or toaster oven. They are like giant nachos that are much faster and easier to make and eat. You can add diced onions, jalapenos, or whatever. I add lettuce and sometimes tomatoes when they come out. They are crunchy, hot, and satisfying.

Hummus: The tostada shells are also delicious with hummus on top, and you can put raw lettuce, tomatoes, olives, or whatever on top of that for a delicious no-cook snack. I like hummus with veggies or crackers dipped in, or spread onto a tortilla, then rolling it up. I generally buy mine, even though it’s easy to make. I just can’t get mine to taste right, so it ends up going in the compost most of the time, therefore more cost effective for me to buy it.

Fried eggs on toast: I make my eggs over-hard so they’re easier to eat. Toast and butter a piece of bread while the egg is cooking and poof! Snack time. I have also made this into a sandwich, with two eggs, two pieces of toast, and sometimes a piece of cheese in between.

Breakfast tacos: I prefer bacon and egg, but you can also use potatoes, cheese, pepper, onions, whatever your little heart desires. Toss a little salsa on top and it’s great!

Salad: I live in Texas, and it gets freakin’ hot here, in case you haven’t heard. On those days I have a salad and sometimes a Morning Star burger. The black bean ones are fantastic, and they microwave great, which means you aren’t heating up the whole kitchen during the hottest time of the year.

Veggies: I often take a bunch of veggies, like zucchini, yellow squash, onions, and broccoli, chop them up and throw them in a pan with some olive oil and Italian dressing. The less you cook them the healthier and lazier it is. I keep them a little crunchy, and let the dressing or marinade do all the work of flavoring them.

Tofu and veggies: I wanted Chinese food the other day, but I didn’t want to cut up 80 vegetables for stir fry. I cut up some hard tofu and fried it a little in some vegetable oil. I added some frozen, cut broccoli, threw in some teriyaki marinade, and lazy Chinese food was born. It had the flavors I wanted without all the work. It was super tasty also. I personally dislike those frozen stir fry veggie mixes, because I hate bell peppers, and they are 90% bell peppers. If you like the flavor of dirt though, feel free to add them to your mixture.

I’m sure I have lots of other lazy recipes that are just not occurring to me at the moment, so there maybe an additional post later on. Until then, just remember that you don’t always have make a three course meal for it to count as dinner. If you don’t create so much work for yourself it can help you avoid going out for junk food, and save you money in the process.


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