Peter Pan Plays Golf?

Here in Austin (don’t move here, it’s hot all the time, and the mosquitoes carry off children and pets), we have an awesome, random mini-golf course called Peter Pan Mini Golf. I’m not really sure how Peter Pan and golf are connected, and I don’t think the people that built the place knew either. There are tons of random obstacles, like a giant excited rabbit, a T-Rex, and what can only be described as a Nazi Pirate.

My favorite obstacle is the “Quizical Skull” (that’s my name for it). I love his mildly amused, yet doubtful expression. Did I mention this place is BYOB after 5? That’s right. Austin is the most beer-friendly town I have ever heard of (seriously, don’t move here).

After mini-golf the Naughty Nerds and I headed over to Red’s Porch on South Lamar. They had free valet parking, and the food was actually reasonably priced. I had the “South Lamar” which is a portabello mushroom sandwich, and it was fantastic with a side of mac and cheese. I am somewhat of a mac and cheese officianado, and this was a close second to Opal Divine’s. It had little crumbly crunchy things on top that were super yummy.

The only picture I took there was inside. They have a wall covered in old game boards! It was the coolest thing, and I totally want to do this somewhere in our house now!


September 16, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , , . My Quest to be more Interesting.

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