Night of the Bat

A couple weeks ago we had another bat festival here in Austin. Apparently the mayor has had some kind of on-going feud with the Batfest people. His nuclear option? Adam West. That’s right. He called out Batman to inaugurate his own bat themed festival: Night of the Bat.

Adam West is on the far left! Adam WEST!

He named the Mexican Freetail Bat the official animal of Austin, and there was a free festival on the Congress bridge. “Festival” may be too strong a word, as there wasn’t much to do. There was more stuff aimed towards children and wildlife conservation awareness. They did, however, have the Mystery Machine (whose driver looked just like Shaggy), and the REAL Batmobile from Adam West’s Batman.

Oh yes. That gorgeous piece of machinery was that close to me. I got a ton of other pics of it, but I don’t want to overload They don’t seem to have a lot of capacity to spare. (Update: this was berfore I transferred the whole blog to wordpress. That was a genuine concern with, and half the reason I had to swap).  Hubby, sis-in-law, and I were all wearing Batman t-shirts, and got our picture taken several times, at least once by the Statesman, our local paper, although we never found ourselves in said paper.

Look kids! It’s Uncle Creepy! I guess we didn’t look as cool as this guy, or the guy in a complete, black rubber Batsuit. He must have been sweating GALLONS. It was super hot, so we went into the Friday’s by the bridge to use the bathroom and grab a soda. Turns out they were having a Batini contest to name the official drink of the city for the next year. Yes, Austin has an official martini. No, you can’t move here. We’re full.

As it turns out this was a private event we “accidentally” snuck into, and imbibed several free martinis. That is the most bad ass thing I have ever done. I’m usually way too much of a wuss for stuff like this, but I was totally the ring leader on this one.

On another Bat-related note, I have just done a guest post for my friends webcomic, the Two Tokens. The topic? You get a gold star if you guessed Batman! Definitely check it out, as it is super hilarious, or course. Their comic is awesome as well, and is about to reach its 1 year anniversary. There will hopefully be more guest posts to come. Enjoy, and comment prolifically (but only nice things, or you’ll face my wrath).

Update: My guest post, the Batrant, turned into a four parter. I’m the Oracle on their blog, which is a Batman reference. If you can name that reference in the comments, you get a prize, but it’s probably just another gold star.


September 16, 2010. Tags: , , , , , . My Quest to be more Interesting, Thriftiness is Cool.

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