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After I wrote my mini-frauxgalness rant (hasn’t that phrase caught on yet? Jeez), I realized there’s another faux-eco occurance that arises constantly. I call it faux-green, because I haven’t thought of anything better yet. You spammers constantly commenting could try posting something useful for a change, and let me know if you think of something more clever.

I touched on the concept of faux-green in a previous post. Planet Green is constantly guilty of this type of thing. The whole show “Emeril Green” is only as green as the horse poo it’s made of. Simply using organic ingredients in cooking DOES NOT make it eco-friendly! You can’t ship special, rare, expensive, organic olive oil all the way from Italy or Nepal or somewhere and call it green (well green in color, yes, in enviromental impact, no). Shipping things from that far away leads to tons of fuel use, for what I consider to be very little gain, environment-wise.

Another problem is called “green washing”. Companies put some kind of pseudo eco-label on their product, without actually doing anything beneficial for the environment. I saw plates at the store the other day with a huge green leaf sticker on each one, that proclaimed “Made from Recycled Content!” in huge letters. In tiny letters below, it said “20% post consumer waste”, or something along those lines. 20%? Really? I’m not going to get excited about that. The worst one I saw, and I can’t remember what it was on, proudly proclaimed that it was made of recyclABLE content. That means they did nothing other than use the same old cardboard or plastic as always, and they want you to do the work of helping the environment.

These kind of things are part of why I am very hesitant to jump onto any trend. I tend to focus on my pocketbook before anything else, and it’s kept me out of trouble so far, knock on wood (which is recyclable!).


September 16, 2010. Tags: , , , . Random typing, Thriftiness is Cool.

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