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Obviously I have spurts of blogging, then take some time off. I’m trying to get better about that, but I can promise you I have several posts coming up that are worth the wait. Last night I was inspired to make a moist, delicious, easy cake that you will love. It was strawberry coated in chocolate, and variations abound!

As you loyal readers (and you spam commentors) know, I love cake. Cake Wrecks is one of the funniest Grandma-safe blogs out there (and it’s a blog I love), and I already blogged my dear friend Kathy Phantastic’s blog, she who is famous for making cake pops. Yesterday at work I discovered that there was a pile of mini Hershey bars sitting around that no one wanted. Milk chocolate is not that popular in our office. I grabbed them with the idea of making brownies with these smashed up candy bars mixed in.

So there we have option 1: Brownies with chocolate bar pieces mixed in.

I was on my way to the grocery store when it occurred to me: what about cake? I have always preferred cake to brownies. What’s the best way to do this? Bake the cake, lay the chocolate pieces on top while it’s still hot, and pop it back into the oven for a bit. Once the pieces are shiny looking, pull it out again and spread the chocolate over the top with a spatula. If the pieces aren’t fully melted, spread the chocolate as much as you can, then pop it back in the oven again. Stay close and only do it in thirty second increments so you don’t burn the cake or scorch the chocolate. You can then let the cake cool and lick your chocolate spatula.

Here is option 2: top a cake with chocolate bars, melt, and spread.

I used strawberry cake mix with the equivalent of 3 chocolate bars on top. I used milk chocolate, but dark chocolate would also be good. You can wait for the chocolate to cool enough to harden, but we were too impatient, and the strawberry cake and melted chocolate mixed together was phenomenal. This would probably be good with white, red velvet, yellow, or funfetti cake also, but I would hesitate to do it with chocolate. It would probably taste good, just not as awesome as the other combinations.

The super easy way to make cake is to use a box of cake mix and a soda. Do not use the eggs, oil, or anything else the package tells you, and don’t use a diet soda. I used Dr.Pepper with the strawberry. It doesn’t change the flavor much, just makes the color a bit darker. This method makes a simple, delicious, super moist vegan cake, but adds a ton of sugar, and the cake will not hold together well. It’s fine if you plan to eat it out of the cake pan, but this is not for layer cakes AT ALL.

Option 3: Candy Bar Cake

This is one I have made before which is tasty, but might send you into a diabetic coma. You will need: 1 box cake mix (probably chocolate), lots of mostly chocolate candy bars, like snickers, twix, whatever; 1 bag large marshmallows, and icing is optional. The original recipe called for it, but I think it’s too much. You will also need lots of cooking spray, and whatever the cake mix tells you it needs, or the soda method above.

Chop up your candy bars into chunks. This recipe is great for after Halloween to use up any left over candy, or buy on sale. Spray your 13×9 pan with LOTS of cooking spray. Make sure you’re thorough, or the cake will never come out. Scatter the candy bar pieces evenly on the bottom of the 13×9. Pop it in the oven for a few minutes (obviously the oven should be on to whatever temperature the cake wants). Pull it out and spread the candy around with a spatula. This will be like a crust on the bottom of the cake. Pour the cake batter on top, smooth it out, and bake like the box tells you.

Meanwhile, pull out your marshmallows. You need to start cutting them in half, short ways (hamburger style, remember that?), not length-wise (not hot dog style). When the cake is done, pull it out but leave the oven on. Put the marshmallow halves on top of the cake, sticky side down. You want to completely cover the top of the cake. You will then pop it back in the oven for about a minute. You want the marshmallows to melt together. Watch it through the oven door to avoid any uneven heating, or over-inflation (the marshmallows will get GINORMOUS).

The original recipe calls for spreading icing on top of the marshmallows, but I don’t want to wiegh 500 pounds, so I left that off. Cake sandwiched between candy bars and marshmallows seems like enough sugar for some reason. The mistake I made was taking a cake topped with marshmallows to a Thanksgiving pot luck, without making a sign letting everyone know it was CAKE and not sweet potatoes. Well, it was still tasty. Lifting out the candy bar bottom was very difficult, and then cleaning it out of the pan was horrific. Learn from my fail.

To sum up: candy inside or on top of cake = tasty, simple, yet impressive. Candy underneath cake = tasty, confusing, time consuming.


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