Breakfast Buns

Just a quick post today about a recipe I came up with. I know, I know. ‘Where’s all the arts and crafts stuff? Where’s all the pictures?’ you’re saying. If you want to volunteer to repair my computer, you go right ahead. Until the Roomie has a chance to reassemble it, you guys are out of luck. You’ll just have to cook my recipes yourself to see what they look like! Well, here goes.

The grocery store near us, HEB, often does deals where if you buy one thing, you get one or several other items free. Often, these combos make little sense (“Buy a frozen pizza, get free batteries!”), so I end up with free stuff I might not usually buy. The other day brown ‘n serve rolls were free. You kiddos know how much I love free stuff, so of course I brought those bad boys home (in spite of my constant low-carb bluster).

On weekends I usually make a nice breakfast for us at home, because it’s cheap, and it’s a nice homey ritual. I try to cook lots of eggs because they’re good for us, but there’s only so much you can do with an egg. They are so BORING! So last weekend I made my breakfast buns. The proportions work out like this: 1 dozen rolls, four eggs, 3 tablespoons salsa, 3 slices American cheese. If you’re going to use something like Grand’s biscuits, the proportions will be different, so figure it out yourself!

Start the oven preheating, and follow the package instructions on your rolls.

Crack all four eggs in a bowl and scramble with a fork. Mix in the salsa. I usually use something really chunky, so you get big pieces of onion and pepper in there, instead of runny eggs. You can throw in some salt and pepper also, if you want. Cook the eggs in a frying pan, then set aside.

Divide the American cheese into quarters. When your rolls are done, cut them open and stuff them with a spoonful of eggs and one of the cheese slice pieces. Mush them back shut.

If everything is still hot enough, the cheese should melt. If not you can either pop them back in the oven quickly, or wrap each one in foil, then put them in the oven. Ours were pretty melty and tasty. I think this is a decent way I can stand to eat eggs. Oops, I mean, these were fantastic! I eat them every day now!


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