Restaurant Review: Osaka Mansun

When Hubby got a job, I told him we’d go out to his favorite place, Osaka Mansun on Anderson Mill in Austin. He’s been there 3 months now, and we still hadn’t gone, plus Hubby got a raise today (YAY!!), so I decided it was finally time.

This place is tiny, but awesome. They have Japanese and Korean food. I had never had Korean before we went there, and I love it! Our favorite is the Dolsot Bibimbap, which is a huge, sizzling clay pot with rice, veggies, and meat in it. They crack a raw egg into it, and you stir it around, and the egg and rice cook from the heat of the bowl. You end up with a layer of crispy rice all the way around the inside. It comes with a dozen tiny side dishes, like kimchi.

I’m not sure what you’re SUPPOSED to do with all of them, but I eat some, and throw some in my bowl. There’s also this red chili sauce, “Korean style” as the waitress said, that you stir in. It’s spicy, flavorful and delicious. I’m going to try and find it at an Asian grocery store around here.

This is the regular Bimimbap, not the Dolsot

James got the same thing as me, but the Spicy Squid version. I have never seen something that looked so much like sci-fi food, and I am so sad I didn’t take pictures. There were literally pink tentacles sticking out of his bowl like it was trying to escape. The tentacles were very tasty and not all chewy like I’d expected.

We also got some sushi I hadn’t had before. We got the Shogun, which was a baked sushi. I’m not sure what all was inside, but it was wrapped in salmon, then baked, then coated in some kind of sweet, savory sauce. It was good, and very heavy. You could have that roll by itself for a  meal. We also got the cowboy, which had tempura shrimp, avocado, mango, cucumber, and rice, all wrapped in rice paper instead of seaweed. I liked this one even more.

We also got a crunchy California roll, which is one of my favorites! Crab meat with avocado inside, tempura bits and eel sauce on top. Fantastic! We got the shogun and cowboy together because James thought it was funny.

The Korean bowls are only about 10 bucks each at dinner time. Considering how much you get, that’s very good, and I’d rather spend that much here than at Chili’s or something. If you want sushi it’ll cost more, but I like the fact that you don’t HAVE to have sushi to have a good meal.

Lots of our friends have more money than we do, so sometimes it’s challenging hanging out with them. They’ll want to go places on an everyday basis that I would have to save for special occasions. If you have a friend like this who loves Asian food, this place could be a good solution for you. All in all, I got to try some foods I’d never had before, and it was fun.


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  1. Michelle C. replied:

    I am bored at “work” today reading your blog. I feel stupid, since I didn’t realize you had one.
    The spciy Korean sauce on the dolsot bibimbap is called kochujang 고추장. To make it the way you use it on the bibim bap you need to mix is with a little bit of sesame seed oil, sometimes soy sauce.
    I also love that dish-very cheap in Korea.
    Those side dishes 반찬 banchan are meant to just be eaten with the meal. You don’t usually mix them with your dish (but there is no rule). Koreans like to eat with a lot of different tastes, textures, colors, etc when they eat. Every meal includes these.

    • thatcleverchick replied:

      I haven’t had it that long. I feel dumb because I didn’t think “hey, I should ask my Korean friend who is currently IN KOREA about the chili sauce!” I am going to search for it at the Hong Kong Market here in town! Hubby says Koreans are his favorite Asians, so I think you should feel honored. 🙂

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