Blogs I Love: Kathyphantastic

Kathy Phantastic is one of my best friends on the planet, and I have never met anyone so creative and skilled. Her blog is full of the randomness that is Kathy’s brain, and I love it. She has been doing this much longer than I have, and my attempt is a pale shadow of what she manages to achieve. You can also follow her on twitter, and again, she totally kicks my ass in this arena, but I think we are too different brands of weird entertainment.

Kathy, Hubby and I recently went out to dinner for her birthday, although I forgot to bring her birthday gift, which is the only reason I have not blogged it yet. We went to Sunflower Vietnamese Restaurant, which was awesome, of course. I always try to have my Vietnamese friends tell me which places are good for Vietnamese food, so I can learn what it should really taste like, being an ignorant white person and all.

This place is off 183, near Mister Tramps (which I may blog about later). They don’t seem to have their own web page so I linked to yelp:

At Kathy’s suggestion we got an appetizer, which was a giant vegetarian omelette. It was so freaking delicious! I’m mad now because I can’t remember the real name, but I highly recommend this to anyone who goes there.  The way you eat it is tricky so let me spell it out: You cut a small piece off the omelette, and lay it on a lettuce leaf. Add a bit of the shredded, pickled carrot and radish on top, add a spring of mint (so that there is mint in every bite), then spoon some of the dipping sauce over the top. Roll it up and go to town. It is crunchy, fried, hot and cold, sweet and salty all in one. If we go back this will be all I order, and I am not sharing.

I got the tofu and vegetables, which was good. Kathy got the shaken tofu, which is basically breaded, fried tofu, that comes with a sweet chili sauce to dip it in. It was fantastic. Hubby got the clay pot seafood rice, which was also really good. The place is also surrounded by intriguing looking Chinese and I think other Vietnamese restaurants that I hope to explore further.

I haven’t been able to read through all of Kathy’s blog yet, but everything I read is fantastic. She has always had random things happen to her throughout our lives, and I am so happy that through the magic of the interwebs she can share her interesting and bizarre occurrences with the globe. Read hers on the days I’m too lazy to post.


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