Bladder Infection Home Remedy

So I know I’ve been a little neglectful of the arts and crafts category lately. When I started this blog, I assumed it would be mostly arts and crafts, but outside forces have conspired to keep me from my crafting ways. I’m hoping that will change soon. Until then, this is a request I get a lot, so I thought it would be a good post.

Some ladies have a tendency to get bladder infections, or more technically urinary tract infections. You’ll know you have one if you feel like you need to pee constantly, but can’t for some reason, and if it burns a bit when you try to pee. Once you’ve had one, you’ll always know what it feels like. Instead of going to the doctor to get antibiotics every time, try the following simple solution, taught to me by my RN mother-in-law.

One big spoonful baking soda, mixed into a large glass of water. Drink very quickly and avoid tasting it.

This cures a bladder infection almost instantly. It works by making the environment in your bladder too basic (the opposite of acidic), for the bacteria causing the problem to survive.

A little advice: You don’t want to use this too frequently (like more than once a week), because all the minerals in baking soda can be rough on your bladder and kidneys. If you already have kidney problems, or are prone to kidney stones I would check with the doctor before doing this. Going pee immediately after sex is the best way to prevent bladder infections in the first place. If you are getting constant bladder infections, especially if you aren’t having sex,  check with your doctor to find out what else you can do to prevent them.

Ok that’s the end of all the medical “cover-my-ass” talk. All that being said, this has been a very useful solution for many of the women I know. It ends the discomfort of a bladder infection quickly, so you don’t have to wait to see the doctor, get the prescription filled, and take extra drugs for no reason.

Special note: Cranberry juice is also good for bladder infections, but it works the opposite way. It makes your bladder too acidic for the bacteria to survive, therefore do NOT use these methods together! They cancel each other out! Plus, you have to drink a ton of cranberry juice for it to help, and adding that much sugar to your blood stream can give you a yeast infection! Delightful, I know. That’s why I prefer the baking soda method. It’s quick, easy, cheap, and doesn’t require imbibing lots of sugar and calories.


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