My Quest to be More Interesting

I have dozens of friends that are always out doing things. They have tons of stories to tell at parties, whereas mine are more along the lines of, “Remember that episode of Friends?”….*Crickets*

Partially due to budgetary constraints, and partially due to laziness, I tend to stay home. Lately I’ve decided to suck it up, and just go try stuff.

A week or so ago there was a benefit for the Cathedral of Junk here in Austin. The cathedral is basically a giant sculpture someone built in their own yard out of scraps and junk. The Cathedral is in trouble with the city for some reason I can’t fathom. Austin is generally pretty smart about preserving anything that keeps our city weird. I have never been, but I want to at some point, so it’s important to me to save it.

There was a benefit concert, junk donation, and junk making benefit at Spider House, and I dragged my sister-in-law and another friend of ours along to it.

Spider House is an awesome coffee shop I’ve been to a couple times. They have a yard full of mismatched lawn furniture, and tables inside where you can sit and chill for hours. It’s one of those spectacular places you can talk to friends from dusk ’til dawn, read books, play board games, or meet all the interesting characters of our delightfully quirky city.

These are a couple of the junk sculptures on the mini cathedral of junk. I made a junk flag that may be hanging at the cathedral right now.

My junk flag, made from fabric and pipe cleaners (I’m also wearing a necklace I made myself). It was a great day to be outside, and there were awesome bands playing while we crafted.

After the benefit we walked over to Toy Joy and looked at all the awesome hard-to-find, and weird toys. I was fascinated by this key chain of a see-through woman’s torso with a baby in the belly that moves around in glitter water.


Out to dinner, then headed home we saw this wall mural:


I didn’t pay attention to which building it was on the back of, unfortunately, but I think it was I Luv Video, an Austin institution.

That’s Deckard from Blade Runner (not Han Solo, as I was corrected). I got confused since he’s next to a TIE bomber from Star Wars. It was a fun day, and a great start to my adventuring. And everything was free except dinner! I can afford fun!


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