My Minions

So I logged on this morning and discovered that, GASP! I have comments! My first two comments!! I am so excited. I finally have minions!! I can slowly build up an army of fanatically organized and logical followers, and we can organize the planet! Think of the spreadsheets we’ll build!!  BUWAHAHAHHA!!

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

I so appreciate anyone that reads this. I haven’t advertised at all to any of my friends or family, for the simple fact that I wanted to see if what I wrote was anything worth reading before inflicting it on people I know in real life. I’ll try to be more consistent now that I know at least 2 (two DIFFERENT people!) people have read this.

I’m considering starting a Clever Chick twitter account. Any thoughts, my lovely minions? Would you care to read the inane and bizarre things that occur to me during the day?


September 13, 2010. Tags: , . Random typing.

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