Homemade Enchiladas

I apologize in advance if this post isn’t 100% coherent. I am starving right now, and the enchiladas I’m about to write about are in the oven, filling my home with the delicious scent of temptation; the temptation to burn my entire mouth with a scalding ball of cheese encased in a searing tortilla. (Homer Simpson voice) “MMmmmm, searing tortilla….*drools*”.

You will need: tortillas (about 10), cheddar or colby jack cheese (2 cups, shredded, more for cheese enchiladas), one can enchilada sauce, 1 uncooked cup rice, Rotel or salsa. Optional: onions, beans, peppers, and whatever fillings you want.

The way I start out is with a 13×9 casserole dish, sprayed with a little non-stick spray. Cook the rice how the directions on the package say. When it’s cooked, mix about a 1/3 cup cheese, 1/4 cup enchilada sauce, and as much drained Rotel or salsa as you’d like. I also usually throw in some chili powder and garlic salt. You want this mixture to taste great on it’s own, like so good you might think, “Forget enchiladas, this s**t is awesome!”

Spread the rice mixture into the bottom of your 13×9, and flatten it out. One important note about rice: Make sure it is 100% cooked before you start doing other stuff to it. It will not get softer in the oven, and your whole meal will be ruined by crunchy rice. Also do not believe the package. It might really take 22 minutes, not 20. Trust your mouth, not your eyes. I speak from personal experience. (I always said this blog would catalog my failures as well, so you could learn from them).

Now you have the rice in the bottom of the pan, turn the oven on to 350 degrees to preheat. Pour about half the remaining enchilada sauce into a bowl. Dip a tortilla in on both sides, so it is coated in sauce. Lay this tortilla on top of the rice, and put whatever filling in it you want: cheese, onions, beans, cooked ground beef or chicken, spinach and cheese, whatever you can imagine, some weirdo in Cali has probably done it. I had squash and corn enchiladas there once. Those people are strange. Squash and corn mixed together? Don’t try to call that Mexican food! Anyways, back to the food.

You should have the tortilla laid flat, with the filling in a line down the middle. Now roll it up, not tight, just fold the sides over. Turn it over, and nestle it gently into the rice. The rice keeps them rolled up, and absorbs any excess sauce. I lay them in the pan 8 perpendicular to the pan, and two long ways.

Once the pan is full, pour the rest of the enchilada sauce over the top. You can throw some diced raw onion on top also. Spread the remaining cheese, about a cup to two cups, over the top. Pop the pan into the oven for 30 to 45 minutes. This just depends how crispy or melty you want your enchiladas.

I did the math for my groceries, and a pan of ten enchiladas, filled with beans and cheese, with the rice underneath, costs about $6. For the whole pan. That is CHHEEEEAAAAPPP!!! And you know I love me some cheap food. This will be dinner for me and hubby, plus my lunch for tomorrow, or about $2 per meal. That beats the cheapest hole-in-the-wall Mexican place, ever!

There is a debate about flour versus corn tortillas. Corn is more authentic, but I like flour because they soak up the sauce, and hold together well. It’s up to your preferences. Oh! I almost forgot to tease the yankees! It’s pronounced ehn-chill-AHH-dahs. I tease because I love!!



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