Craft Room Cleanup: Part 1

I haven’t done a post with pictures for awhile, so lets break up the monotony, shall we? I happen to have a “Craft Room” in our house, but it generally acts as a storage room. I finally got sick of it at one point and decided to reorganize.

This is the before of the left hand side:

And that’s the after. You can see there’s some improvement, but it’s still not great. My one work table is still covered in stuff, so I end up taking projects into the living room to work on, and making a mess in there.

The right hand side before. You can see I have 2 big closets that are being completely under-utilized, mostly due to lack of shelving.

Now this is the right hand side after…what the hell? Look! There was a chair under all that crap! You can also see there’s more stuff in the closet, and my autographed picture of Johnny Depp dressed as Edward Scissorhands. I love him…

Anyways, how did I perform this miracle? I know it’s still not fantastic, but I can walk around in there now, and I made a few key moves that are very helpful. I used one huge tub for all of my and Hubby’s baby stuff. Yep, we’re truly married now, our baby albums are touching. I put this huge, heavy plastic tub at the bottom of the closet. I don’t need to get to this stuff very often, and it’s very heavy, so therefore, goes on bottom.

I also separated my individual craft projects into different boxes. For example, I’ve been collecting t-shirts for a t-shirt quilt for about 5 years. They are all in a box together which is labeled “T-Shirt Quilt” on the side I can see.

For items that aren’t earmarked for a specific project, I divided them into groups and their own boxes, which are also labeled with the label facing out. On the plastic tubs I used masking tape, and on the cardboard just sharpie. Now I have yarn in one box, and fabric scraps in another.

Things are much easier to find now, but there was one casualty. As with the shelf revamp project, I managed to injure myself.

I hit myself in the face with one of my plastic tubs, and split my lip. I think this is the only split lip I’ve had in my life, and I don’t even have a cool story from it. I had blood running down my chin, and couldn’t smile for 3 days, and I didn’t even get to beat anyone up! Sigh…at least I can do more crafts, unimpeded.


September 13, 2010. Tags: , , , . House Stuff.

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