Austin Shakespeare

So I’m in a ladies’ group aptly name “The Naughty Nerds”. All of us girls are in relatively nerdy professions, but we are a bunch of hot tamales. We met up last night at the Zilker Hillside Theater for a free production of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The show was fantastic and hilarious, and we got to sit outside in the fantastic Austin weather.

The play was mostly Shakespeare’s, but set in the 1960’s with musical bits thrown in. We laughed our booties off while snacking on some of Brandy’s magnificent cookies. Brandy is a chef, and caterer. Those of us in the group are totally spoiled because she’s constantly providing treats for us!

The place is great because you just bring a blanket and sit on the hillside. People around us had beer, and I wish I’d thought of that. It was a bit hard to find, so if you plan to go check online first, and give yourself plenty of time to find where you’re going. It was in the southern half of Zilker Park, just follow the signs. Pack a picnic also, and it’s a great free time!

Now my little minions, I will have to be gone for the weekend as I’m road tripping to see my sister’s graduation! Beans has gotten her MASTERS, so Dr. Stacey and I are going to help her celebrate. There will be much food, alcohol, and possibly swimming. Congratulations, Beans!

I hope my minions will join me in congratulating my little sister, and I know you’ll survive without my words of wisdom for a couple days. In the meantime, think of questions or advice I could blog about, and email me at I’m looking forward to my long weekend!

Have at it, minions!


September 13, 2010. Tags: , , , , . My Quest to be more Interesting.

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