Art can be Fun…and Frightening

When I was at Spider House for the Cathedral of Junk benefit as mentioned previously,  I happened to grab a flyer. If you are at a place or event your enjoy, this is a good place to look for flyers for other activities.

The one I saw said “Shaun of the Dead” and “Escape from New York” really big, so I grabbed it. It turned out to be a benefit for “Flipside”, which I learned is apparently a local version of the Burning Man festival.

We ended up out at “the Warehouse” on Springdale, watching movies on a sheet hanging from the ceiling of a, yep, warehouse. I had actually been there before for an art opening. This time, for a $5 donation (and free parking), we got to watch two post-apocalyptic movies, and a burlesque show! There was also dollar beer, and my favorite part, CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON. That’s right. It sounds weird, but believe me, it was glorious.

People watching was also fantastic. There was the super-elegant goth chick, the guy wearing a bright purple and blue (what appeared to be) muppet fur cloak, the guy in the American Eagle yuppie sports coat, the burlesque dancer who walked around in pasties the rest of the night, and the guy dressed as Snake Plissken. I can’t explain what an odd mixture of people shows up to things like this. It’s just priceless.

“Shaun of the Dead” was of course fantastic and hilarious, even with the running commentary from the drunken, middle-aged, still trying-to-be-cool people behind us. “Escape from New York” was pretty boring, especially having seen it before. I prefer “Escape from L.A.” because it has that dream-boat Bruce Campbell, and it is much funnier.

I checked for the spelling of Plissken, and apparently there is a remake of “Escape from New York” in the works, set to come out in 2011. No word on casting yet, but I doubt it will be good. When will Hollywood stop cannibalizing itself?   

They also had a raffle, and I won a comic book by a local artist. I would have preferred the last prize offered: the girl in pasties would come to your house and make dinner, wearing either lingerie or nothing, and then do the dishes! I would have let her wear a bathrobe and slippers if she did the dishes! But, we didn’t win that one. All in all, fun night, spent around $15 on entrance, beer and bacon combined.


September 13, 2010. Tags: , , , , . My Quest to be more Interesting.

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