Slack, glorious slack

What is this slack I speak of? Slack is a philosophy of doing as little work as possible, so you can have as much fun as possible. The Church of the SubGenius is the original creator of this concept, I believe.

This is not about laziness, this is about prioritizing. Do you want to spend more time with your kids or spouse? Then don’t work 60 hours a week. If you don’t work 60 hours a week, maybe you can’t afford a Lexus or 8000 square foot house, but why do you want to own those things rather than play with your kids?

You have to look at each thing you buy, and think about it in real terms of what it cost you. The number of hours of work, as well as what economists call “Opportunity Cost”, which is the cost of the other choice you could have made.  If I go out for sushi, that costs me about 2 hours of work, for less than an hour of enjoyment. With that same, lets say $30, I could have gone to the thrift store and gone hog wild (I love me a thrift store).

Like I said, Slack is about priorities. Do you want to continue to work at horrible boring jobs until you’re 67? Or would you like to retire at 55? That takes some serious thought about where your money is going, and where it could be going.

There are always little things we ignore, little nagging voices you hear in the back of your head. “The doors need weather stripping”, “The vegetables are rotting in the fridge”, “My car seems to use a lot of gas”. Often, it’s easier to turn your head, or put it off and just pay the bill rather than scrutinize how much it’s costing. I myself have done these things, and looking back now I know how much money we wasted, and what we could have done with it. It frustrates me, but I have to focus on doing right moving forward.


September 10, 2010. Tags: , , , , . Random typing.

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