Shelf Revamp

A few months ago I decided to reorganize my “Office” which is really my arts and crafts room. There were huge piles of stuff everywhere, and it had basically become a junk room. As part of the clean-up process I discovered this shelf I had acquired at a thrift store. I LOOOVE thrift stores.


It was beat up, wobbly, and chipped, but I saw potential. I attempted to hammer extra nails into it to strengthen the structure. Unfortunately, I smashed my finger and split the wood. Hubby came to the rescue. He just hammered it back together, since there were nails already in it.

Proof I did at least some of the work myself:

The finished product:

Two coats of my favorite 1950’s turquoise blue, and it looks great!

My “Baby Animals” collection now has a home, next to my 1970’s embroidery, also salvaged from a thrift store. Sweet!


September 9, 2010. Tags: , , , , . Arts and Crafts.


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