How to simplify?

So today I’m just sitting here thinking to myself, what should I do? I didn’t get up until noon, I’ve had lunch and played all my facebook games. The problem is there’s plenty of crap around the house to do, but it’s all laundry and other horrible boring crap no one wants to do. So instead, I’m filling my time with the meaningless “accomplishments” on facebook. I get my character to work on yoville, and plants my strawberries on farmville so I can level up, but what have I actually accomplished?

The problem with the games is the same as in real life. Purchasing things is a hollow accomplishment, and it leads us to have to work more, or retire later, because we are fixated with material things. I feel I’ve been able to divorce myself from a lot of material possessions, although I am hard pressed when it comes to the thrift store. I get frustrated because Hubby can’t seem to separate from his need to own things. He doesn’t collect a lot, but what he does builds up in storage bins and just sits there. He’ll buy a DVD and never watch it, whereas I use Netflix for everything, and don’t see the point in owning DVDs, since I can get them whenever I want. I canceled cable for the same reason.

I read this book about how to live simply, and a big part of that is not to spend money on stupid crap. We walked through the mall the other day, and I thought back to all the cheap plastic, trendy garbage I brought home from malls in my teen years. My father must have wept for the amount of my income I spent on stuff I no longer own, that I could have put toward a car, or college, or retirement.

I’m looking around my house now, and I have HUNDREDS of books. Literally. Most of them are from Half Price Books’ clearance shelves, or the thrift store. I picked them up because they were so cheap and looked good at the time, but now they look like homework. I have to read them all, because I don’t want to miss out on anything, but will I remember what I read next week?

I have started to clear out books. I have 30 or so listed on, but they seem to take forever to sell. I’ve sold about 5 so far I think. It did enable me to take a stack to Half Price Books to sell though.

Why do I feel obligations to my stuff? Why do I feel like I have to hold onto it? I blame Disney. I have spent my whole life watching their anthropomorphic creations, singing and dancing, and having feelings just like people. Won’t my Rock Band drum kit miss me if I sell it (even though it’s for PS2, and I have Xbox)? Won’t it trek across the city to come back to me, like Woody and Buzz? Damn you, Disney!


September 9, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , . Random typing.

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